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Sissy Swallows

There are certain steps you have to take when you transition into sluthood, darling. One of those steps includes ensuring that you are ready to swallow a full load of cum, because all sissy sluts learn to enjoy the taste of it. Soon, you'll love it so much, you'll be craving for Me to call over some boys so you can suck them all off and swallow their loads! you have to start somewhere. and today, you're going to play with your clitty until you can't help but ejaculate - right into your own mouth. If you can't manage that, the least you can do is lick it up from the palm of your hand like a good sissy would do. Remember, the more cum you swallow, the closer you'll become to becoming My perfect sissy.
Includes: slut training, cum eating instruction, sissy sluts, humiliation and femdom POV

Sissy Swallows
Sissy Swallows


Tags: Mistress Bijoux, cum eating instructions

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