» » Blackmailed Pantyhose Sissy

Blackmailed Pantyhose Sissy

I'm going to turn you into my pantyhose-wearing sissy slut whether you like it or not. We both know it's best for you and I have a lot of plans for you, bitch. I know how much you love watching and jerking your pathetic weenie to me in pantyhose, so from now on YOU'RE going to be the one wearing the pantyhose! Haha, that's right, and not only that but the only way you're allowed to cum from now on is by squirting it into the feet of your filthy hose and then LICKING it out and SWALLOWING it all down!! Don't want to cooperate? Too bad, I'll just have to BLACKMAIL you into it!! There's no way out now.

Blackmailed Pantyhose Sissy
Blackmailed Pantyhose Sissy

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Tags: Adrienne Adora, cum eating instructions, masturbation instructions

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