» » Schoolgirl ‘Legs Over The Head’ CEI

Schoolgirl ‘Legs Over The Head’ CEI

Hey my little cum eaters, it's your sexy schoolgirl, Goddess Lindsey Leigh here, and do I have a treat for you today. First you get to stroke your cock to my amazing body in this sexy school girl outfit. And then you're gonna cum on your face and eat your load for me. Doesn't that sound like fun? I'm going to show you how to put your legs up over your head and jerk that dick right into your face so we make sure that every drop either gets in your mouth or on your face!
So start jerking for your hot, sexy, schoolgirl goddess. I look so innocent but I can take advantage of you so easily. I just want you to mindlessly jerk as you stare at me in this sexy plaid outfit. I want you to build up an enormous load. I'm going to tease the fuck out of you with my hot body until you're begging to blow your load on your face!
All you wanna do is jerk off for me and eat your load for me. You're so weak and pathetic. You love being teased and tormented by me. Jerk with me loser, as I instruct you exactly how I want you to touch your cock. Let your mouth start to water at the thought of eating your own cum. You can't help but obey my every command.
C'mon my little cum eater, faster, bring yourself to the edge now, get ready to gobble up your load. You're so desperate to eat your cum for a hot schoolgirl. Now lay down on your back, and raise your legs above your head so that your cock is as close to your face as possible. Get ready to be my little cum dumpster. Jerk it really fast and open your mouth and stick out your tongue. Faster! Now blow that load all over your face and in your mouth. Do it! Yummy! Lick your lips and take your finger and wipe up all the extra cum from your face and lick your fingers clean.

Schoolgirl ‘Legs Over The Head’ CEI
Schoolgirl ‘Legs Over The Head’ CEI


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