» » Eat Your Cum For Me, I Know You Want To Very Bratty CEI

Eat Your Cum For Me, I Know You Want To Very Bratty CEI

Do you wanna eat your cum for me? Cmon I know you want to. You want to taste your own seed, right? Youll do anything I tell you to. Just look at my cute, young sexy body, you cant resist. Youll do anything for me, right? So, why dont you eat your cum for me? Cmon just try it, for me. You wanna be obedient, dont you? You wanna be a good boy for me. So eat your fucking cum for me. I know you want to. I know youre secretly a cum eating loser. Dont deny it. And youll do anything for a hot brat like me.
So start stroking. Youre gonna slurp that load up for me, fucking loser. I want you to think about that and know it as you jerk. Youre going to clean up your fucking mess because thats what good boys do. Good boys clean up after themselves, dont they? Stroke it faster, I want you to eat it for me, I dont have all day. Just get it over with like the filthy cum eating pig that you are. Work that load out to my hot, young, perfect body. Look at these perky tits, so fucking perfect. You want to cum for them, theyre going to make you squirt it all out.
I know you want to pump, pump, pump, and then jizz all over and slurp it up. And the fucked up thing is thing is that thought has you so hard right now. And I know you want to do it for a hot young topless brat. Thats so humiliating and you love it. I want you to have a nice, big, juicy load to swallow. And its going to taste so good, right? LOL! But I dont care what it tastes like, I hope its disgusting because youre a loser and thats what you deserve!
I love teasing you with my hot young body while I taunt you about how youre about to eat your cum all up. You wish you could have me, that you could touch my soft skin, but instead youre over there stroking like a pathetic fucking loser whos about to eat his own fucking cum. Youre disgusting, you are absolutely repulsive.
Cmon you little cum eater, stroke it faster, get yourself to the edge. Every stroke bringing you closer to that load. Imagine what its going to taste like. Youre going to cum right in your hand and youre going to slurp it up for me. Youre going to lick every last finger, do you understand?
Youre so lucky, youre so lucky that Im even paying you some attention, arent you loser? Even though Im forcing you to eat your own jizz, youre still getting a scrap of my attention. And thats what you want, right? You fucking loser. Youd do anything for just a little, tiny amount of my attention. Youre so pathetic, eating your fucking cum, thats disgusting. Fuck you loser!
Youre a mindless loser who will do anything I say. Youre so weak for a hot young brat like me and theres nothing you can do about it. Im in your head. Are you ready to eat your load, you pathetic cum eater? Im going to give you a cum (eating) countdown. Cum right into your hand for me. Now slurp it up. Dont think about it, dont wait, do it! Lick up every last drop. Lick that hand clean. Clean up your fucking mess!

Eat Your Cum For Me, I Know You Want To Very Bratty CEI
Eat Your Cum For Me, I Know You Want To Very Bratty CEI


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