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More CEI for Loser Michelle

That cum sucking loser "Michelle" is back, begging for more CEI & abuse. No surprise there, he can't get enough of his own jizz it seems. So fucking vile. I can hardly stand thinking of him slurping up and gargling his slimy load, yet somehow I enjoy abusing the stupid fucker anyway. "Dear Goddess, Sorry If i havent ask for more videos till now, i was enjoyng so much latest and i was waiting for inspiration. i am michelle, the useless slave who always asks You for cei videos. Once again i wish You to make me eat my spunk. i was thinking about of a edging ruined orgasm and a looooong mess cleaning part. (with my sissy name: michelle, pronuced a lot by You) i wish You seduce me with some false countdown (that ends up with spanks on my nutts) and a real countdown (that will end with a ruined orgasm). i mean that You order me let go my pathetic small cock and let every dripping drop of cum fall in my mouth (make me assume position please). Than please instruct me how to play witb the cum in my mouth, make me talk, swish it around and gargle before to coerce me to beg you to eat it. Please insult me a lot, ridiculize me and be really mean. Please use a lot your cleavage to seduce me but rememind me a lot that Goddess body is just for real man, and i am not one of them. Please Be really cruel and mercyless. Please use a black wig and a corset (that allows to see Your perfect body). Thank You Goddess."
*A custom video with detailed cum eating instructions, 2 cum countdowns, and a little nut slapping as well. I use the name "Michelle".*

More CEI for Loser Michelle
More CEI for Loser Michelle


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