Two fresh loads of cream, delivered straight from your cock into your mouth. It's a two course challenge for you, my little cumslut. It's so hot to coax you into eating your cum, and it's going to be more than doubly hot to see you down two whole jizzy mouthfuls.

Two Creamy Loads CEI
Awe... are you my new little wanna be cum swallower? Would you love for me to say the magic words and, poof... turn you into a free and frilly, cum drenched cum Slut??? Lol. Well, I actually do have the magic words! But I'm not sure you deserve them yet. Maybe you should stroke your cock for me and think about how much you deserve to hear the words that will finally turn you into a cum hungry…

The Magic Words For Cum Eating
At the Goddess' feet, that's where you belong. That's your comfort zone. You watch in awe as Sydney sips on her coffee drink. She catches you staring at her beautiful feet. How can you not? You are a true foot boy after all. And it's not hard for Sydney to notice your hard on. She tells you to beg for permission to touch her feet. So you beg. And get denied. As a consolation prize, Sydney allows you to jerk off to her beautiful feet. The only condition is that you have to cum all over Sydney's feet. And then lick off all the cum off her feet. You are not very eager about the prospect of eating your own cum but the bulge in your pants has already made the decision for you.

Want to make breakfast with Me? Come on, lets make some smoothies. I love smoothies! But first, I want you to jerk it for Me I know your horny in the morning so lets release some tension. Then we can eat? Come on stroke for Me, thats it.

Lets Make Breakfast Together
You’re going to swallow a big fat load down your throat for me today. I’m going
to turn you into my little cum slut. My cum slut that swallows all the time! You’ll want to be eating that load for me every time you blow when I’m done with you.

Avid Cum Eater Programming: Swallow Every Load For Goddess
Cumming for me is easy. All you have to do is stroke your meat stick and all this gooey, savory jizz comes pumping out and making a big mess! That doesn't mean you're done, slave. You want to cum for me, to make a big mess? You're going to have to CLEAN IT UP.

Clean Up
You know you've always wanted to taste your own cum... to cum right into your own mouth. Well good news, Missy is here to show you exactly how to take that hot load of cum.

Cum eating faggot for Missy Rhodes
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