Time to bust out your pretty pink sissy panties and put them on for Princess! I know you love wearing girly underwear, it turns you on and makes you feel so sexy, doesn't it?

Cream Your Sissy Panties
Just nice little humiliating task for you junkies. you are such a good little man-puppet and you'll do just about anything that I tell you to. So, jerk your cock to My super sexy humiliation and assume the loser position. I'm going to make you into a freshly glazed loser donut.

Freshly Glazed Loser

Buried deep down in your mind you have a fucked up fantasy. You want to be laughed at and humiliated in the worst possible way! You will be playing this super fucked up cum eating game with me… or at least jerking off to the possibility of playing it!

Mega Cum Eating Fag

Bratty and hot... I can make you do anything - however we both know that the thought of swallowing your own jizz humiliates you in the right way. Maybe even intrigues you or turns you on. You’re so naughty and nasty!

Your Cum Eating Instruction Coach
Self bukkake has always intrigued you. Feeling that thick load blow right down the back of your throat is so hot. So you've ordered numerous instructional clips where I coach you into position, ready, aim, bust!

Self Facial
Are you home all alone again? Rubbing your sad little pecker while feeling sorry for yourself? Sniff-sniff. What you need is a dominant young woman to to take charge of you. To tell you what to do and when to do it. And if I decide to make you cum all over your face? You'll do it. Exactly as I tell you to...

You Will Cum All Over Your Loser Face for Mean Princess Remi
Hey there fag boy. C’mon don’t deny it. We have a test. We’re going to see how hard your cock gets based on different stimuli. Take a look at my pussy, does that make your cock hard? No? What about Barbie’s tits? No? What about if we show you Barbie’s huge black strapon?

BBC Strapon Humiliation And CEI For Cum Craving Cock Hungry Fag Boys

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