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It's OK To Eat Own Cum

I have a very important message for you today. 'It's ok to be a cum eater'. I know you always feel so guilty, so naughty and so stupid after you do it. You're full of regret. But it's ok. I mean, you're not hurting anyone and you're in the privacy of your own home. People do all kinds of kinky stuff to get off. This is just what turns you on, and it's ok. And it's never going away, so don't fight it. In fact, the more you eat your own cum, the more you'll be comfortable with it. You'll cum harder and harder each time. It's ok to be a cum eating bitch, no one needs to know except for you and me.
It's our little secret. I want you to be ok with it, I want you to accept that you're a cum eater. And now I want you to show me just how ok you are with eating your own cum. Start stroking your cock, I know this turns you on. And you always used to feel so bad about it, but now you can just feel good about it and let it turn you on. So come on my little cum eater, stroke that cock knowing you're going to slurp it all up and you're going to love it. You LOVE eating your own cum. Stroke it faster for your Princess.
Are you gonna show me how you love to eat it? I want you to show me how much harder you cum when you know you're going to slurp up your dirty mess afterwards. And now that you're ok with it, you're going to be doing it more and more.
How are you going to do it for me today? Are you going to shoot it in your hand and slurp it? Are you going to shoot it on the floor and get down on all fours and lick it up? Or maybe you're going to put your legs over your head and shoot it right into your open mouth? However you do it is fine with me, I just want you to enjoy it and be ok with it.

It's OK To Eat Own Cum
It's OK To Eat Own Cum


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