» » CEI Challenge Part 2

CEI Challenge Part 2

Have you been a good boy this past week? Have you jacked off and saved at least five loads for Ashley? You should have an ice cube tray full of your frozen cum. Was it hard for you? Was it torture? You came so many times but you were never allowed to eat it. Since Ashley is such a wonderful Mistress, shell give you a little treat. Pop out one of the frozen cubes of your cum and put it in your mouth. Feel it melt on your tongue, filling your mouth up with cum. Isnt this fun? You get to eat a load before you even started jacking off. Trust Ashley; saving up all those loads will be worth it when you can finally have a belly full of cum.
Ashley begins to instruct you on stroking your dick and tells you exactly what to do with the remaining four loads of your frozen cum. You find yourself incredibly turned on, because youve never experienced this before. In the past, you would have to think about the taste of your cum while you masturbate. Now, you can actually taste it while you jack off, anticipating the huge fresh load you can eat when you finally ejaculate. Ashley walks you through exactly what to do in order to make you cum especially hard.

CEI Challenge Part 2
CEI Challenge Part 2

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