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Loser’s Cumsock

Cumboys like you live for girls like me- telling you exactly what to do. Just thinking about me telling you how to eat your cum has your loser dick dripping precum... but don't taste it just yet. You're gonna save it. You're going to use your sock to save up a yummy treat. A whole week of stroking and blowing your load into your cumsock then zipping it up in a bag so it stays nice and moist. When your week is up, you can finally clean up that sock with your pervy little tongue. You're hungry for it now, but I promise it'll be worth the wait. You'll be sucking on your cum sock week after week.

Loser’s Cumsock
Loser’s Cumsock


Tags: Christy Berrie, Brat Girls, CEI, Female Domination, Humiliation, Jerk Off Instruction, JOI, Slave Task, Slave Training

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