» » Falling Deeper Down The Rabbit Hole

Falling Deeper Down The Rabbit Hole

This clip is best enjoyed as a follow up to Down The Rabbit Hole.
I'm the bartender at your favorite bar, and you've wanted to fuck me since the first time you walked in the door. You've tried to hide your crush, thinking I'm way out of your league, but I know your secret. Little do you know, I've fantasized about you, too. Tonight I decide to invite you home.
But you're in for a surprise. I'm not going to have sex with you - not tonight at least. My fantasies are of a slightly different nature: I want to see you get fucked by every drunk, horny guy in the bar. Since it's just the two of us, I've set up an elaborate game of pretend. I pull out a giant dildo and a bowl brimming with 30 loads of cum saved from my last boy toy. You're not allowed to cum, let alone touch yourself, until you've acted out my entire fantasy. This is for my pleasure, not yours.
You're disgusted. You don't want to get fucked in every hole or swallow that enormous amount of cum, but you're so wasted and turned on that you're willing to submit to my every desire. I can see how grossed out you are, so I pull out a bowl of piss - a little palate cleanser to help you wash down all that cum. I have you get on your hands and knees against the headboard and take the dildo deep into your asshole - no lube, no prep, just balls deep with one hard thrust.
I force you to get pounded over and over, taking each guy from the bar in your ass and mouth, jerking off the enormous cocks waiting their turn for your holes. They cum in your ass while dunking your face in piss, and in your mouth after they've fucked your dirty asshole...and you have to swallow every drop of cum and piss as I sweetly guide you along.
Finally, I tell you to stick your fingers up your ass and start to jerk off for me as I count backwards from 10. You're only allowed to cum if you make it by the time I get to 0. Oh, and there'll be one final task waiting for you after your orgasm...

Falling Deeper Down The Rabbit Hole
Falling Deeper Down The Rabbit Hole

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