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Condom Juicer

You have a little cum eating assignment today. You will need your dick and a condom. Make sure you have the condom before watching the video. Don't worry it can be that old one you never actually use because you haven't got laid since 2000. Just kidding. Kind of. I want you to slip your condom over just the head of your cock while you stroke for me. I have found this method makes it so you don't waste a single drop of your precious boy jizz. That's it, stroke for my big tits. I am going to tease you closer and closer to the edge, and you are going to milk that condom down your throat. You won't even taste it if you follow my directions!
Forced cum eating instruction, condoms, milking, tease and denial, masturbation instruction, and a hot cum countdown. Hope your mouth is watering!

Condom Juicer
Condom Juicer

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