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Seductive CEI

I know cum eating has always been a difficult thing for you. You've always fantasized about it, but never could quite bring yourself to do it. So today, I'm going to slowly seduce you, working you up to the highest level of arousal. I'll use my body, my sweet, sexy voice and creative stroking techniques to make you harder than you've ever been. Once you've reached the edge, I'll slowly ease you into dropping that load of cum all over your face, giving yourself a nice, hot facial for the first time ever. This is seriously one of the hottest CEI videos I've shot to date. Definitely not to be missed!
Sensual Domination, Stockings, Femdom POV, JOI, Edging, Masturbation Instructions, CEI, Cum Eating Instructions

Seductive CEI
Seductive CEI



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