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Seduction and CEI

Have you been saving up a nice fat load for Me? I hope so. You know what I'm going to make you do. You've been craving this for months now, haven't you?
The truth is you'll do anything for Me. My beauty, My power, My perfect body. Absolutely anything. In fact I think you're eager to eat that hot salty load, just to prove to Me how dedicated you are.
*This was a custom order. I use the name "Jason" throughout*
"Hello Miss Violet, I absolutely love worshiping You in all your beauty and power. I love the experience of You seducing and encouraging me to swallow my hot cum with Your amazing body, perfect tight ass, gorgeous tits and never to forget Your beautiful feet! I would love for You to use your power over me, knowing how much I love to jerk and obey and worship You, that I can't resist and that You are going to make me eat my cum, just for You. End it with 10 second cum countdown, edging me to blow my hot, salty load into a shot glass and down that shot of cum. But before I swallow, make me say a phrase or two for You like "I'm a good boy for Violet" before giving me permission to swallow ;)"

Seduction and CEI
Seduction and CEI



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