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The Girlfriend's Surprise

Hey honey, we've kept on talking about spicing up our sex life, so today I went on a bit of a shopping spree. I got these two items that would definitely give us a wild night. Promise you won't be intimidated by this tiny magical bottle and this dildo, because what I'm going to confess to you it will make you feel a bit apprehensive at first, but I know you'll understand me.
You see, I've always had this fantasy of watching you fuck your ass for me while your jerking off your cock. I know it sounds scary babe, but it's not. I will lead you all throughout and I promise you'll love it. Not to mention I got this bottle of p()p.p.e.r.s, just for you to loosen up a bit and gain some courage. Here, inhale a bit of this and let it's magic work. It feels amazing doesn't it?! Now pull off your boxers and let's make you enjoy an orgasm like you have never experienced before.

Added: 4/4/18
Price: $17.99 USD

The Girlfriend's Surprise
The Girlfriend's Surprise



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