» » Piss And Cum CEI Marathon

Piss And Cum CEI Marathon

It's the perfect pair: pee and cum. A tasty, creamy, jizzy treat mixed along with a sour yellow surprise. You won't just be a cum slut for me today. You're going to be a piss and cum slurper.
I'll be creative. I'll take my time. Your bladder will be stretched wide and desperate for a release, just as desperate as that cock of yours is to burst. Edging and edging, you tell me what a cum slut you are. You need to taste your cum. You need to taste your piss.
I won't tell you much more. I want this to be a surprise. After all, when you're pushing your limits like this, the element of surprise is what keeps you going. But I promise, you will drink down every drop of your golden nectar, and you will swallow down every drop of that hot, sticky cum. And I promise there will be many rewards along the way to keep you going.
By the end, I'll be totally naked. Get ready to be depraved for me.

Added: 3/30/18
Price: $36.99 USD

Piss And Cum CEI Marathon
Piss And Cum CEI Marathon

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