» » Cum Cocktail with Two Bitchy Beauties!

Cum Cocktail with Two Bitchy Beauties!

The gorgeous blonde hottie Princess Rene joins me in a little experiment for cum eating, something that we both know is a little weakness of yours. We know you boys are always so desperate to eat your cum but can never follow through, so we decide to make you take shots beforehand so that you won't care about the nasty taste of your own filthy slime. We urge you on with our gorgeous bodies, our luscious asses in tiny mini skirts, getting you hotter and hornier. We giggle and humiliate you as we instruct you how to stroke and when to pound those shots so you're ready to slurp it all up.
Of course there's a nice drawn-out JOI at the end... right into that special glass!

humiliation, double domination, blonde and brunette, cum eating, CEI, JOI, forced intox, short skirts, thongs, laughing

Cum Cocktail with Two Bitchy Beauties!
Cum Cocktail with Two Bitchy Beauties!

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Tags: Goddess Alexandra Snow, Princess Rene, cum eating instructions

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