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Cum Shower CEI

Today you're going to enjoy the ultimate cum lover's fantasy: a semen shower. A big, cummy self-facial, with my encouragement guiding you forward.
Lie down on your back. Let the hunger intensify as you point your hard, throbbing cock right at your mouth. As you stroke, you can already feel it. A hot load of jizz shooting out of that cock, coating your face and mouth. You can already taste it. So sticky and erotically disgusting, flying onto your tongue, giving you no choice to swallow.
So much cum in your mouth. A huge load of it, built up from all this edging, spraying everywhere, showering you with its unstoppable ejaculatory milk. Nothing makes you feel so much like a cum slut as a big facial does.
You won't hesitate. You won't back out. The buildup is too intense and my excitement is too obvious for you to let me down. There's no choice here. All you can do is give in.

Added: 6/1/18
Price: $27.99 USD

Cum Shower CEI
Cum Shower CEI



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