» » All I Want for Christmas Is... Your Hot Cum!

All I Want for Christmas Is... Your Hot Cum!

You know what I want... will you grant my Christmas wish? ...just one, itty bitty teensie weensie request? I want the BIGGEST, hottest, juiciest, yummiest load of hot cum you can possibly muster up for me. Well, you better get started stroking that big cock of yours for me then! I want a big old glass of your yummy Christmas cream .... mmmm... to feel it dripping on my hot lips, over my tongue, and down my throat... Don't worry. I'll help tease every last drop out of you. To begin with, I have some mistletoe... you know what you must do when someone is under the mistletoe with you, right? Mmmm... warm, wet, salty cock kisses! Do you want to pin the mistletoe to my panties for me? Oh, you know I'm a naughty one... just wait until you see what I have up my sleeve for you... they say it IS better to give than to receive....

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All I Want for Christmas Is... Your Hot Cum!
All I Want for Christmas Is... Your Hot Cum!



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