» » Coaxing You through your Very First Taste of your Own Cum

Coaxing You through your Very First Taste of your Own Cum

Don't worry; I'll be gentle. I know this is your first time... you're a complete virgin... and that excites me so much! It's such a turn on to be asked to share in and witness your own first-time experience. Or do you just want to feel like it's your first time all over again? Think about it now... your very first taste of your own cum! All that hot jizz laying on your lap waiting for you to lift a delicious sticky taste with your own fingers, pressing the drops to your lips, allowing it to rest and pool on your tongue as you savor this newly discovered delicacy, and finally, swallowing it down your own throat, feeling it's warmth and nourishment traveling down into your stomach. Want another taste? Of course, you do! We're going to work very hard for this experience. Together. I'm going to tell you exactly what I love about eating hot cum from a freshly released cock, how delicious it is, how horny it makes me, and just what I can't wait for you to experience yourself. This time, you're going to do it. You're going to fulfill one of your most private fantasies. I'm going to watch, seducing you with my body, guiding your strokes, and ensuring your balls are about to burst with your freshly prepared supper! You're not going to chicken out this time, and you're not going to lose your desire to give yourself a taste after coming. You're going to eat your cum right in front of me and love every drop of it!

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Coaxing You through your Very First Taste of your Own Cum
Coaxing You through your Very First Taste of your Own Cum



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