» » Total ASSimilation II

Total ASSimilation II

This clip is designed to be used with multiple dildos but, but like all my coerced Bi clips, it can be enjoyed without them or with any household objects you like. This clip is the perfect follow up to Total ASSimilation** It’s time to continue your Total Assimilation. I’m going to infiltrate your mind and turn you into my cum drinking little cock junky. If there’s any part of you that is managing to resist my faggot training… this series will fuck any remaining masculinity into submission. You’ll take more cock than ever before as an endless parade of massive cocks entice you to go even deeper. Taste their disdain for you? Taste their utter disregard? That’s what cum tastes like. Now spread your cheeks princess, because that little fuck whole of yours is going to be spread to the max. Xoxo.

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Total ASSimilation II
Total ASSimilation II



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