» » Swallowing is YOUR BEST Option CEI

Swallowing is YOUR BEST Option CEI

You've been wanting to eat your cum for a while now, huh? well now you're going to do it! See... you've wanted it for so long and tonight you will flip your legs over your head and assume the position, open that mouth wide and SWALLOW! you do know that swallowing IS YOUR BEST OPTION, right?! I mean, you shoot the load into your mouth and the best thing for you to do is SWALLOW immediately. See how nice I am? I could actually make you hold in it your mouth or do other gross things, gargle with it, etc,. but since I'm sooooo nice I'm allowing you to do it the easiest way possible: Directly into your mouth and swallowed down IMMEDIATELY. Enjoy :)

Added: 4/15/18
Price: $13.99 USD

Swallowing is YOUR BEST Option CEI
Swallowing is YOUR BEST Option CEI



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