» » Yes, I CAN Make You Eat Your Cum

Yes, I CAN Make You Eat Your Cum

Oh, you are something else. You claim NO woman has ever made you eat your own cum. You’ve never done it, never will. You’re such a stud. I mean, you’ve watched so many of my CEI videos, come so many times, got off on knowing I could never make you eat your cum. So, why should I try now?
You just enjoy the game? Enjoy seeing me TRY to make you do it? Okay, I’ll play along, and I’m going to bring you to the brink. I’ll give you what you want… just an innocent fulfill of YOUR wishes. That’s all.
Yes, I think you’re so amazing for never coming the way I work so hard to make you… yes, I “know” I can’t make you this time… wouldn’t possibly have any tricks up these short sleeves of mine… or down in my cleavage or… We’ll see how wins THIS round!

Yes, I CAN Make You Eat Your Cum
Yes, I CAN Make You Eat Your Cum



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