» » Mommy's Friend Catches Me Wanking

Mommy's Friend Catches Me Wanking

I thought i was all alone at home, but my mums bust friend always comes over uninvited (mom gave her a spare key)
I'm upstairs in my room having some alone time when in she walks, not even a knock on the door and catches RED faced & RED handed, holding my rock hard COCK.
She is the local slag so who is she to judge me, but she says she is going to tell my Mom and all my friends unless i do as she says.
She makes me lay on my back and teases my cock till i shoot a huge load of cum into my own mouth.
Between you & I i really liked it, i hope she catches me again!!!

Mommy's Friend Catches Me Wanking
Mommy's Friend Catches Me Wanking



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