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Do as I Say

Good you're naked and on the floor for your mistress. But you need to get your proper clothes on. You know what I'm talking about... those frilly pink panties with ruffles. That cute training bra that's just your size. Now put a little frilly pink dress on for me. That's perfect...
I will wear my strap on and we can begin your training. That's it sissy, you love sucking dick don't you. Beg me to let you suck on it. Say I want to suck your dick mistress. Lick these balls and make them wet. Your going to be milking every last drop of cum from this cock. Do you like this cock slapping you in the face? Slide those lips around me and suck, I want to hear you gag on this big hard dick.
You know sissy, this dick is going inside your ass. Kneel down and slide off those panties. Lay on your back so I can see how pretty you are as I'm fucking you. Take my big dick right up your ass. Muffle those screams as I fuck you sissy. Take it like the sissy faggot you are. Now suck on it before I put it in your ass again and fuck you from behind. Pull on your tiny titties as I fuck you. You like this don't you. Stroke your dick right into your face as I fuck you. I know you want to cum as I fuck you. Wait until I cum in your ass to cum like a little slut all over your face. Cum all over your faggot face and clean up all the mess. What a good slave girl.

Do as I Say
Do as I Say



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