» » Princess Rene's Sensual CEI

Princess Rene's Sensual CEI

I want you to eat your cum for me today. I want you to pump out a big, wet load and swallow it down. It's so sexy eating your own cum for your Princess Rene. Don't you love being a kinky boy for me? I KNOW you do. You LOVE getting your kink on for me. Looking at this gorgeous, Goddess body you can't resist me. Now go ahead and get ready to shoot a big load for Me!
Includes CEI, femdom pov, jerk off instructions, humiliation, cum eating instructions, JOI, brat princess, female domination, cock tease, sensual domination.

Princess Rene's Sensual CEI
Princess Rene's Sensual CEI


Tags: Princess Rene, cum eating instructions, masturbation instructions

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