» » Eat your cum for me…

Eat your cum for me…

Busted! Charlie has caught you jerking off again. It’s hard not to jerk it when she parades around in what little clothes she has on and sexy ones, too: sheer black stockings and a purple and black lacy bustier. You pull that throbbing cock out and jerk it every chance you get with that kind visual. She rolls her eyes and says, “Are you jacking off again? I swear, you never get enough. You’re just stroking your cock…getting it hard…is that what you’re doing?" She uncrosses her legs to give you a peek at her pussy and mocks your stroking. “You tuggin’ on your little knob, right there? Just waiting to brew up that cum for me? I don’t want your cum; I want you to have your cum.” Charlie has turned the tables on you this time and now you have to ask yourself just one question: are you gonna do it? Well, with the way she’s got you all worked up, I’d say you’d do anything she said, right? “I think you should taste it…mmm…is that what you want? You wanna taste your cum?” she says with a giggle. “I knew you did…mmm…then do it! Show me what a big boy you can be and eat your sperm…swallow that jizz.” The more she talks about it, the more you both get turned on by the thought of you doing it. “Jerkoff that pecker and make it spooge all over the place. I want you to cum in your hand and eat it like this.” She takes the palm of her hand up to her mouth and licks the length of it, showing you just how to eat your hot load. “Come on, I know you want to do it. It’s ok, friends don’t judge. You’re into kinky and I like that. I’m pretty kinky myself there, so jerk that fuckin’ cock off, baby. Make it blow that load all in your hand. And you better catch every fuckin’ drop of it.” Charlie cups her hand and shows you how to pump off into it. “Fucking jerk off that cock! Jerk it nice and fast and strong…get a huge load ready for yourself. Can you do that for me? Get that load ready?” She puts her foot up on the chair and gives you a nice view of her shaved pussy. That’s the kind of encouragement you like, and you feel yourself getting close. “Keep fucking strokin’ it…I know you want to blow it so bad. You wanna lick every ounce of cum off yourself…mmm…good to the last drop, right? So come on, what are you waiting for? Cum in your hand…and eat it. I know that’s what you wanna do.” Her filthy words drive you even closer to cumming. “Come on, keep stroking it. I want you to fucking blow. You ready? Stroke your fuckin’ cock till you blow your load in your hand and lick up every fucking ounce of it. Taste your jizz like it’s heaven. Eat it like it damn candy. Can you do that? Fucking cum now! I want you to cum and fucking lick it up. Come on, don’t be fucking afraid. Give me exactly what you know you want.”That’s all you need to hear and you blow your hot load in your hand. Catching every drop, just the way you were told to do, you lick it all up. You can see by the smile on her face that she is very pleased with you. “Was it yummy? I’m sure it was.”

Eat your cum for me…
Eat your cum for me…


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