» » Cum on your face for Jasmine Shy

Cum on your face for Jasmine Shy

Jasmine Shy is wearing a tight sexy short dress and heels. Her amazing perfect tits are about to pop out of the dress and as she sits in a chair with her legs crossed, she tells you that it is okay to jerk off in front of her.
She teases you a little, but encourages you to stroke your big cock for her while she poses for you in sexy positions... then she tells you how she wants you to finish. Jasmine wants you to double over so you cum all over your own face. She knows you will for her.
She keeps teasing you, and once she seduces you into agreeing to cum on your own face for her, she keeps manipulating you... She wants to you suck someone else’s cock for her...
Jasmine teases you until you finally give your self a facial and she humiliates you.

Cum on your face for Jasmine Shy
Cum on your face for Jasmine Shy


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