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Easy Sensual CEI

You keep thinking about how hot and kinky it would be to eat your own cum. Perhaps you have quite the collection of CEI clips, but you can never quite go through with it. You came to the right girl.
I'm here today with this easy, sensual jerk off instruction to help get you to the edge and ready to indulge in your fantasy. There is no humiliation here, only soft, sexy encouragement as I allow you to enjoy my tight body stripped down to cute bra and panties while you are edging for me. I use subliminal distraction techniques to make you forget the reason why you even came here, immersed in my beauty and the sound of my voice. By the end of this 12 minutes, you're going to be so hard and so horny that you'll do anything for me...including that thing you've been fantasizing about the most...

Easy Sensual CEI
Easy Sensual CEI


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