» » Stroke it twice and gobble it down!

Stroke it twice and gobble it down!

Are you getting hard looking at me on your bed like this? I'm okay with that, I don't blame you at all. I'm one of the sexiest girls you could jerk your dick to. Play with your dick a little bit and it shouldn't take too long to get it rock hard just how I like it. Here, I'll remove my top for you while you masturbate to my perky little tits. Yea you're really stroking fast for my naked, sexy body so give me your cum! Yes, that was a nice big load but I think you have more. Clean it up and get yourself hard again. I love watching you stroke your dick just thinking of all the naughty things you wish you could do to me. Mmm yea keep going get it nice and stiff and this time when I let you cum, you are going to eat it all! Every last drop I want down your throat!

Stroke it twice and gobble it down!
Stroke it twice and gobble it down!


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