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Mean Sister

Your sister loves picking on you and teasing you, but no it seems she has figured out some of your secrets and is really going to make things difficult for you. Not only does she know about your reputation at school about your little shrimp dick, but she has also found out that you have been jerking to not only her dirty panties, but your Mother's as well. Wow what a disgusting pervert. Soon your hot sis has you jerking to her, you better do everything she says otherwise everyone is going to know about your dirty panty obsession. She laughs and teases you, blackmailing you to do everything and anything she says for now on. To start, once you cum you are going to lick up every sticky drop! What a disgusting panty perv you are, but now you have no choice to be utterly humiliated into drinking your own cum for your nasty sis!
Contains: humiliation, brother/ sister role play, panty fetish, dirty panty humiliation, small penis humiliation, SPH, masturbation instruction, cum eating instruction, taboo

Mean Sister
Mean Sister


Tags: Mina Thorne, cum eating instructions, masturbation instructions

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