» » Intense Sensual Intimate CEI Seduction, Cum With Me

Intense Sensual Intimate CEI Seduction, Cum With Me

Hello my pet, you're so eager to please, so devoted, no one else makes you feel this way. We have a special connection. You'd do anything for me. Just look at me, be here with me in this moment. Nothing else exists except for you and I in this moment. Good boy. Today I want you to prove your devotion to me. And I know you'll do it because you'd never disappoint me. I want you to eat your own cum for me today. I know your mind better than you do and I know you've wanted to do this for so long. The idea of it turns you on, but every time you reach that point, you just can't go through with it. Today is going to be different. I'm going to guide you through it and you're going to do it, for me. Because you want so badly to make me happy. Don't worry, I'm going to help you. My sweet, sensual voice will guide the way. I want you to look at my amazing body, and think about licking cum off of it. Take in every curve. So smooth. Imagine your tongue against my skin. If I were there you'd lick off every drop. Look how hard your cock is for me. No one else makes you feel this way. It's almost hyp n0 t!zing isn't it? My voice, the way I look, the way I make you feel.. So obedient, so subservient, you feel this power I have over you. Stroke it for me. It turns me on seeing you like this, so subservient and horny. Can you imagine licking your cum off my pussy? It would be so hot. This turns me on so much, it's making me touch myself. I'm going to masturbate with you. Touching my pussy as you touch your cock. Us both cumming together. We're both getting turned on at the same time. You're going to get to cum with me and it's going to feel so intense, so intimate. I'm going to slowly seduce you into this orgasm, I'm going to seduce you into eating your load for me. Because it's going to turn me on so much. Look at my pussy, imagine licking your cum mixed with my pussy juice while you make me cum. That would be so hot. And before you realize it, I'm going to have you licking your cum up from your own hands as you stare at my wet, moist pussy. You're going to become my good little obedient cum licking slave.

Intense Sensual Intimate CEI Seduction, Cum With Me
Intense Sensual Intimate CEI Seduction, Cum With Me


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