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Spoon of Cum Challenge

You know how those big Cola brands are always challenging consumers to decide which one is the best without seeing which one they're drinking? Well after last night's awesome party, we thought we'd do the same kind of thing and have our very own Cuckold challenge. Y'know how I kept disappearing upstairs with your friends and the guy next door, oh and that guy from your office - your boss I think right? Yeah well while you were playing the perfect little host downstairs - I was playing the perfect little slut for them in our bedroom. They fucked me so hard I'm surprised nobody heard - maybe they did and were too embarrassed to say something Haha! So look - they filled all these condoms and my girlfriend and I thought it would be fun if you took the taste challenge to try to work out whose cum is whose. We're going to pour each slimy load out onto a spoon and make you swallow it down so you can decide which of your friends it belongs to. At the end you can tell us which one tastes the best and if you don't guess them all right we'll make you call your best friend over to give me another load while you watch. Also available to download as a smaller lower resolution file.

Spoon of Cum Challenge
Spoon of Cum Challenge


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