» » Savor Your Load, Make Your Humiliation Last

Savor Your Load, Make Your Humiliation Last

Hello my cum eating freaks, how many times have you eaten your own cum? I’ll bet you’ve lost count by now. You’re so fucking addicted to eating your own cum. And I’ll bet you never thought of doing this until you met a sexy brat who forced you. And you loved it, and you were hooked. Hooked on that fucking humiliation. And today will be no different freak. Of course I’m going to make you eat that cum because you know that you know you need to eat that load every time you cum.
But today, not only are you going to eat it, but you’re going to hold it in your mouth for a long time. You’re really going to taste it as you let it sit there. No quick swallowing for you. You need to taste your shame, your cum, your humiliation. And this is turning you on so much, I know you’re already hard, jerking, building up a nice big load to savor. You’re going to get every drop in your mouth and you’re going to swish it around. And I’ll bet you’re going to be so fucking horny with all that cum just sitting in your mouth. The taste just lingering. You won’t even be able to speak with a mouthful of cum, but who cares, no one wants to hear anything you have to say. You’ll be mute with a big hot load of cum in your mouth.
Keep jerking freak, build up that load as you stare at my perfect body, as I giggle at you for being such a stupid cum eater. Jerk your pathetic dick loser. I wonder how long I’m going to make you hold it in your mouth? And you’re going to thank me for doing this to you. Because it’s going to make your orgasm last, it’s going to make your humiliation last. Your spent cock will still be hard and twitching the whole time it’s in your mouth.

Savor Your Load, Make Your Humiliation Last
Savor Your Load, Make Your Humiliation Last


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