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Your Way Out

Im going to give you a way out of your 1 week of no cumming if and only if you follow directions. I like to keep things interesting and a Goddess can change her mind anytime she wants to. If you dont think you can follow through with the task today then you dont get to stroke at all. No edging and no touching. Now if you like to follow directions as you should then today is going to be interesting for you.So what exactly am I going to have you do? Well youll have to watch the video and see but I will tell you that youre going to stroke your cock really good for me. Big surprise right - but theres a catch. Youre going to bring yourself right to the edge of cumming and stop. Stop stroking just long enough to get into a specific position and then continue...
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Your Way Out
Your Way Out

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Tags: Goddess Christina, cum eating instructions, masturbation instructions

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