» » Compelled To Eat Two Loads In A Row

Compelled To Eat Two Loads In A Row

A-HAH! I've caught you sticky handed. I leave the room for five minutes, and you're already trying to milk out another hot load from your cock. You really are the very picture of an addict. Look at you holding your cum like a you've got your hand caught in the cookie jar. You're a filthy, cum sucking sperm slut!
Well, if you wanted it so badly, eat it up. That's right, dear, in this household, our motto is "waste not, want not." So lick up every drop of your semen, cum-whore. Eat it like a good cum dumpster.
My, that was a big load of spunk. You must have rubbed your cock nearly raw to get that much out. Are you sensitive now so soon after cumming? GOOD. Now's the perfect time to jerk off some more. If you had to masturbate so badly that you went and did it without permission, I'm sure we can strangle another load out of your poor, overworked penis.
Don't be gentle, slut. Work your cock harder and faster! Squeeze it tighter! I don't care if it hurts. You're going to cum again for me right here and now - and you'll have to eat every drop of that load, too!

Compelled To Eat Two Loads In A Row
Compelled To Eat Two Loads In A Row


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