stroke after stroke, feel your mind slowly start to give in, you'll be sure to complete my little task I have for you in the end...

Good Boys eat it
Eating your cum; you’re obsessed. It is the ultimate in submissive behaviour and you KNOW how fucking much it will turn you on…when you can just LET GO and do it!

Softly Sweetly Swallow
I always get what I want and what I want is for you to lick up your cum.

Impress Me CEI JOI
Are you hard at the thought of licking these hot tits and maybe cleaning the cum off this sexy ass OR would you like to clean my cum right off his dick?

Cuckold Cock Lover
Today you're going to Let It Snow....and lick it up!

Let It Snow

Added: 12/13/18
After a cum coutdown, you are going to shoot your nasty load on my feet and lick it off like a good cum puppy.

Poppers Foot Bitch Turns Into Ass Whore
Any good little cumslut worth anything will make a big mess being nasty for me - and any good little cumslut will clean it all up with their mouth.

Cumslut Training CEI