I show you how I want you to cum, so you can shoot directly into your mouth and swallow all of it.

Valentines Day JOI and Cum Countdown
And mark my words, you'll be disposing of that sperm in a way that doesn't make any mess.

Draining My Son's Huge Balls To Curb His Secret Habit
You inform me that you have the perfect way to get a certain small group of losers to associate pure pleasure with sucking big dicks.

Goddess Christina - Youre So Gay: Self Sucking Fag

Added: 5/21/18
You are a compulsive cum eater.

We're about to go to bed when you realize, we are all out of mouthwash.

 Special Mouthwash CEI

Added: 2/7/18
don’t be such a pussy! You act like you want to fill your slut mouth up with your own cum, but once you’re humming, you just can’t get yourself to do it!

Good boys Eat Cum
Only thing is, my little footboy, the only way you can cum in my presence is if you are a hungry little cum eater.

Dangling JOI CEI

Added: 12/5/18