Hello, my little spunk-monkey. I see you're back for another filthy jerk-off game. You just can't wait to play with yourself and get another taste of your own spilled seed, can you?

7 Day Cum Drinking Challenge
Yes, you are right, you must clean your cum and balls sweat off my boots, you loser. I don't want to see any drops left

Closet Boot Slave
It's easy.. I will let you cum only if you promise me you'll swallow it.

Only If You Swallow

Added: 8/13/18
Once you cum and you feel all those waves of pleasure wash over you, you're going to put that disgusting jizz all the way down your throat and that's like totally going to ruin your orgasm for you. But like I don't fucking care.

 Ruin Your Orgasm By Eating Your Jizz

Added: 1/3/19

I cannot eat my load after I cum. You want to train me to do it. Assume I have a shot glass with a load of my cum saved up from last time.

Save A Load Swallow A Load
You want to be my good boy, you want to be my good cum slut. Eating you cum for ME will taste so good!

I Make Your Cum Taste Good CEI
You will be so fucked up that you will eat your own cum like a good good boy.

Poppers + CEI