When you spunk, I want you to shoot into your own hand, and then - this is the important part - lick your palm clean. That's right, bitch.

Eat Cum, Or Else
My little strip tease will have you ready to cum when I say.

Your Friends Hot Sis

Added: 9/30/18
Your cock is hard and head spinning, I have you right where I want you. Listen up, you are going to cum on the floor and slurp it up for goddess.

Lindsey's BBC

Added: 7/18/18
Cum Eating isn't something I think you should expect to try once and fall in love with.

Don't Knock It Until You've Tried It... Twice

Added: 7/1/18
I start videoing you with my phone and seduce you to lick your own cum for the first time for me.

Flip Flop Licker Exposed
Someday maybe you’ll see more skin, more lingerie but for now, you MUST eat cum.

Get Used To It - CEI
Whether youre a beginner or a pro - you will follow my directions!

Jerk & Swallow