Yes, give me a big load right into your hand and lick it up. Lick up every last drop of cum.

 Dominated by Ariella Ferrera
You're going to be My little cum e4ting bitch!

My Little Cum E4ter

Added: 8/17/18
In the end you eat your big tasty load for me!

You wanted to see my tits! Now you will eat cum for me!

Eat Cum For Titties
Encourage me to jam it ALL the way in if I want to see you up close again Then finally come back to close ups of your cleavage and ass and make me REALLY BEG loud to cum, then a countdown and force me to eat it.

Disgusting Old Perv
I want you to eat your cum for seven whole days. That's right, disgusting warm seed spilling into your mouth every day for the next week.

A Week of Eating Your Own Cum
And afterwards? You'll be drinking it down like a good boy. Bottoms up!

Slave Task: A Cocktail Of Humiliation