Your loser juice is aching to be let out from your balls, but you know when you squirt that puddle your tongue is going to be licking up every lost drop

Masturbation Humiliation - LOSER JUICE
And when you do finally cum, I want you to cum into your hand for me and lick it all up.

Pay For Your Orgasm And Then Eat It

Added: 12/14/18
Cum Eating Instruction is also a part of it[

Sweater Fetish Interactive JOI/CEI
I want you to feel that warm cum running down the back of your throat as you gag, knowing you did it for me.

CEI Exploding Cum
Please decide if you allow me a ruined or a pleasurable orgasm and if I need to eat my cum up afterwards.

I'm going to give you cum eating exercises. Training flexibility to get better aim and getting used to having loads of cum in your mouth.

 Cum Slut Training  Part 1

Added: 12/3/18
Goddess Loves Gifts Spoiled.


Added: 7/14/18