Sari found one of her BF's dirty, cum-filled condoms on the floor. Gross. Yick. Can you guess what's gonna happen with that condom...

Mean Humiliatrix Princess Sari Makes You Eat Cum
Ends with cum countdown and eating instruction.

Poppers Fucking You Up
Maybe get you to do something a little naughtier or dirtier this time perhaps. I want to ramp up your Cum Slut Game!

Part 2 Cum Slut Training - Checking In

Added: 12/5/18
If you're into CUM EATING INSTRUCTION it is hinted at in the end when I simply instruct you to clean up your mess.

Sex Therapist Control You
You are Gili's LITTLE cum boy today. It is your DUTY to eat it. ALL of it. My cum eating BITCH!

Halloween HEX - TOY boy! Fast CUM - JOI CEI

Added: 10/21/18
I will have both your dignity and cash…and you’ll LET ME. Because I’m that one special Woman; you’ll happily reduce yourself to a pathetic drooling senseless mess on the floor for - for ME.

Dignity & Cash Collector

Added: 10/6/18
Every woman has been in a position like yours, she's had a first time where she struggled with the idea of putting it in her mouth and swallowing. I'm here to tell you that it's ok. You can suck it and lick it until it explodes, letting it fill your mouth.

It Becomes Easier To Be A Cum Guzzling Slut After The First Time

Added: 12/6/18