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Bounce On It Sissy Loser

I’ve got something special for you today. It’s giant and pink and it’s going in your ass. I’m going to instruct you on how to fuck yourself in the ass with this, suck it off, and fuck yourself in the ass again! I know you’re gonna love this. And it even vibrates!
Your sissy ass is going to love this giant pink dildo. First I want you to suck on it like a good sissy whore. Suck that pink vibrator bitch! Then I want you to get up on it and sit right down on it. Feel the vibration. Now bounce. Bounce on it sissy. Do you like that pink dick up your ass? Hope you’re wearing your panties.
Now take it out, get down on your knees and suck it off again. You fucking gross, disgusting sissy. Fucking choke on it! Then get back on it again. I know your ass is twitching for it. Bounce loser. Fuck it hard, ride that pink inflatable vibrator. Make it hurt.
Go ahead and play with your little dick while you ride it. Just play with the head a little bit, you don’t deserve too much pleasure. Keep taking it up the ass loser. You’re gonna love this anal fucking instructional video!

Bounce On It Sissy Loser
Bounce On It Sissy Loser


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