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The Summer of DGJ

The time has finally come to completely dedicate yourself to me, and we’re going to go slowwwww today. How many times have you promised yourself that you would completely give in? What does absolute servitude to me look like? Be honest with yourself, you’ve been lost without a woman like me to guide you in your life. You need me to give you direction and purpose. You absolutely must dedicate your entire life to following and serving me. Only then can you experience fulfillment. Summer has just begun and it is a time of idleness, carefree living, adventure, vacation, happiness, and sunshine! Only, that just makes sense for me- right? I thrive in the sunshine. You have work to do. You mustn't be idle, not when I exist. Not when I’m relaxing and enjoying myself. Summer is tanning season for me, but a working season for you. A financial slave must never be idle, in fact, I expect a walking wallet like you to be working overtime to make sure every bill I rack up is covered, and then some! I’m sure you can pick up all the extra days that your co-workers take off. You’ll work so hard this summer you’ll be bound to get a raise. You’ll be focusing on your career this summer, for me. You work, I play. Live vicariously through my summer photos and if you’ve done it right, you’ll be broke and pale and promoted by fall. *Before you begin the clip, pull up a page to tribute me. Have it ready to go. Be prepared to type in an amount to send me while you’re watching the clip.* Good boys obey. *Immerse yourself in the perfect atmosphere I've created for you- WEAR HEADPHONES*
Published Jun 3, 2022
Mind Fuck, Slave Training
Addiction Training, Ass Worship, Beta Male Training, Bikini Fetish, Bikini Goddess, Cruel Summer, Financial Slave Training, FinDom Addiction, Goddess Worship, Money Domme,

The Summer of DGJ
The Summer of DGJ



Tags: Goddess Jessica, Divine Goddess Jessica, MIND FUCK, ASS WORSHIP, FINANCIAL DOMINATION

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