» » Princess Violette - Brainless Little Slave

Princess Violette - Brainless Little Slave

Here you are completely at my mercy. I’ll slowly seduce you with my perfect face and mesmerizing voice. Obedience won’t be a decision you’ll make, it will be your natural response. Become absorbed in my world. Everything is so pretty here. I make you so so so stupid. Your brain is broken when you’re in my presence. You’ll fall dumber and weaker by the second as I have you under my spell. Get lost in my eyes as I draw you in deeper. Melting your mind, erasing your thoughts, easing you into subspace. You need to go deeper, my brainless little slave. You’ll stroke for me and listen closely. Conditioned & molded into an obedient mindless stroke slave. You need to be controlled by me. I’ll take what’s rightfully mine from you, you’ll be my toy. You’ll nod your head and submit fully to all of my demands. You’re my brainless little slave. You’ll be constantly triggered by my soft seductive voice and powerful words. No resistance. Only obedience.
Published Jul 1, 2022
Mesmerize, Mind Fuck
Conditioning, Doe Eyes, Female Domination, FemDom JOI, Financial Domination, Goddess Worship, Mental Domination, Stroke and Send,

Princess Violette - Brainless Little Slave
Princess Violette - Brainless Little Slave




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