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Miss Maddy - House Slave Training

Welcome to the your new place, My little house slave. For your first day of training I'd like to lay out ground rules, from how long you'll be in chastity to exactly how I like My steak cooked. There's a lot to learn, so be sure to take notes. I expect every single task completed to perfection and if that isn't the case...expect punishment. However, if your devotion pleases Me, there just might be a reward for My obedient, locked up little house slave.
Chastity, Denial, Domestic Servitude Fantasy, House Bitch, House Slave, Panty Worship, Service, Slave Task, Slave Training, Task Training,

Miss Maddy - House Slave Training
Miss Maddy - House Slave Training



Tags: Miss Maddy, CHASTITY, FEMDOM POV, Slave Training

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