Penny's had a few complaints at work about you perving on the clients. She's sick of you perving on her also for that matter and now she's got a punishment lined up to help put a stop to your dirty ways! Penny is going to let you WANK your DICK over her, she's going to strip naked so you'll finally get to see her gorgeous knockers and much more! There is only one condition to this... you've got to eat your own CUM after you've shot your load! Ready?

Cum Punishment
Today I`m going to tease you with my beautiful, sensual body. I want you to jerk-off as you watch me roll around in bed flaunting my perfect tits and hot, wet pussy. Stroke yourself harder and faster, but don`t you dare think about cumming without my permission.

Prove Your Loyalty to Me!

Did you eat your own cum today like I told you to? I know you tell me how much you hate it. You talk about how degrading and disgusting it is when I make you do it ALL THE TIME. All that being said you keep coming back asking what I want from you and you already know what Im going to say. Its like you secretly like it or something. I think you even get turned on when I talk about it. I WANT YOU TO EAT YOUR CUM and EAT IT EVERYDAY.

You've Got Cum Breath Again
Can you handle the humiliation of eating your own cum?

Cum Guzzler For Carmen
]Think you can disobey me & get away with it? I don't think so loser. You had better do what I say, or I will be sure to expose you to everyone to show them what a pathetic bitch you are. Your punishment today is a good one & guess what FREAK! YOU GET TO JERK & CUM!

Cum Eating Punishment

Are you curious why I invited you over after work? The answer is simple: I've seen the way you can't help your eyes from drifting over to my desk and down to my pantyhose covered legs. I know my nylons turn you on. Don't apologize! I wouldn't have asked you over if I didn't like it.

Pink Pantyhose

I know you`re horny today, so I want you to watch and jerk-off as I tease you with my fantastic body. Admit that you love these strong, sexy legs, my firm ass, and my amazing cleavage! I`m going to drive you wild by slowly tugging my dress up and down, giving you flashes of my tight body as your cock gets harder and harder.

Jerk to Me and Eat Your Cum with Cum Countdown!
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