How good are you at following instructions ? You cum so fast every time that you see me. This video was made to train you to last longer each time. I know that you wont be able to make it to the end and cum when I allow you to. So I decided to raise the bar on you.

JOI Challenge with Punishment
Rene and I know that the more you jerk off to us, the more you want your limits pushed. We love knowing how kinky and dirty you are willing to get just to please us, and knowing you were able to please your superior Goddesses makes you cum just that much harder.

 Cum Guzzling Pet
You love jerking off to hot women like me. Do you know how I know? Because you do it every day. You’re a jerk junkie loser. This is just part of your daily routine. But what does tugging on your cock do for me? Pretty much nothing except that sometimes it makes you so weak you can’t help but pay me.

Lix Jerk It, Lock It, Eat It – Your New Cycle
You've been having a hard time eating your own cum, haven't you? I know it's a difficult task, but that's what I want. I want you to get nice and hard for me. I want you to build yourself up to explode all over your hand. No game or gimmicks. I just want you to eat your cum for me. That's all. That's what will make me happy.

Make Me Happy CEI
Dava is here to tell you that if you do not do as she says, she is going to lock you back up in chastity. She is going to use her body to get inside that head of yours and she is going to get you hard and stroking in no time.

Stroke Like She Says
You are ready to do some nasty things for a perfect Goddess. Today you will have a hot self facial. I am in control and you follow all my instructions. You are just a mindless wanker. You will shoot your load all over your face and in your mouth of course. You are my obedient cum slut. Just a pathetic loser who eats his cum. Jerk that cock for me.

Self Facial Cum
My little loser, I have quite a homework assignment for you. You are going to pay for your chronic masturbation habit. For this assignment, you are going to need a standard ice cube tray. You will have 3 days total to complete this assignment.

Cum Guzzling Homework Assignment
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