I'm feeling extra generous today, so once you're through beating it, i'll make you eat it all up!

Beat It Eat It CEI
She allows you to pleasure yourself on the condition that you obey her every stroke instruction and that you swallow not only her load, but your own to prove your worthiness to her.

Servicing Succubi Cock
Oh, what I have in store for you! You have no idea. Not really. You just can't imagine the ten tasks I have for you to complete in the next twenty minutes.

Your Most Humiliating Cum Eating Instruction Yet
Today you’re going to cum all over your face AND into your mouth. And if you thought that was humiliating enough just you wait… mwahahaha

Just One Look Is Dangerous...
So you want to be our live-in house boy, well what makes you think you can handle it.

CEI for Head Bitch in Charge Sorority Girl
I love to watch a man eat his own cum for me. Will you do that for me?

Girlfriend Gives CEI
Let's try a bit of my "alternative therapy" and see!

Alternative Threapy
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