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Tonight I'll be spending Valentine's Day with my lover while you stay locked in chastity but don't worry honey, I'll feed you his cum from my panties!

Cucked on Valentine's Day
Everybody's doing it and since you wont be able to resist me in this sexy pink VS lingerie you will be doing it too! I'm about to make you into a cum guzzler!

Everybody's doing it
I want you to assume the classic "cum on your face" position with your cock pointed at your face. I want you to watch me, following each of my delicious edging instructions and keeping yourself right there.

Edging with Consequences
Will you FOLLOW ALL MY ORDERS to be granted an orgasm. Will you finally taste, just the first drop of your cum, or be able to resit me?

Just the first drop
I have made you a how to guide on how to properly eat your own cum and maybe later on some one else's cum.

How to eat your own cum JOI CEI
It does make me SO happy to see you lick up each and every drop of your spooge.

Eat It Twice

Miss Jenna Ivory is transforming her slave into her dirty cum guzzling whore!

Cum Eater Training