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You little cum eating addict. Since I first taught you how to eat your own cum, you can’t stop. You’re emailing me, tweeting me, begging me to instruct you again on how to eat your own cum.

Ebony Goddess Taking Your Cum Eating Addiction To A Whole New Level
In this custom video, I'll give you a fair warning, this is for sissy boys only :) So if you have an ounce of testosterone, cum back tomorrow for a more manly update ;)

Anal Toothbrush Cum Eating Instruction
Are you ready to fuck? Fuck your own hand that is! It’s getting so boring watching you, so go get a bowl. And jerk off with the bowl just below your dick.

Spit, Stroke And Drink Your Cum-Spit Cocktail
Go get your wife of gf's high heel. I'm going to have you cum in the bottom of her heel and drink it out, lol. How do you think she'll feel about that?

Drink Your Cum Out Of Her High Heel
Everyone could use a little encouragement in their life. So enjoy the sweeter side of Jamie encouraging you to eat your cum.

Hot Creamy Load
So its time for your yearly check up at the drs. And nurse jenny will be asking some Questions and off course you tell me your having stomach issues. So I give you instructions on how were gonna to make that all better and nurse jenny will be helping the whole time!!

Nurse Jenny CEI (Time for your check up)
Look it’s my filthy little cum eater! Were you really excited about the idea of getting to lick up your own cum today? I’m so happy you’ve gotten over your fear of eating your own cum for me and now you do it willingly.

Cum Eating Denial For Cum Junkies