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You are the epitome of a chronic masturbator and for that reason alone you will be emptying your load in your mouth!

Garbage Disposal
I'm glad you could join us at the sperm bank today. We're really in desperate need for your donation, but unfortunately all of our jack-off materials were stolen!

Cum Eating Instruction - Sperm Bank Overflow
So, you’ve been coming to therapy for a while now and I’m just not seeing as many improvements as I would like. I feel like we should be making more progress.

Eat Your Cum To Cure Your Chronic Masturbation Addiction
Ok, so I lied. I didn't invite you over here because I'm having car trouble. I invited you over because I need to know the truth . . . you see, my best friend went on a date with you last week, and she had some very interesting things to say about your . . . um . . . anatomy. She said you had the biggest dick she'd ever seen. Not just in real life either. She said you were bigger than any male porn star, too.

Damn You’re Huge

Cum addict Alexa swallows every last drop... and still craves more!

Cum Addict Begs For Your Hot Load
Then when he's about to cum, help him aim it so he gets it all right down his throat. And if he gets any on his face, make him wipe it off with his fingers and then have him lick them clean.

Your Boyfriend Likes To Eat His Own Cum
Awww you little cum eating wanker, you can't wait for this, can you? You're so desperate to cum after all this time in chastity that you'll agree to anything I say.

How To Eat Your HUGE Chastity Orgasm