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Now cum all over that dildo. Good boy. Now bring it back up to your lips and lick it all off. Get every last drop, fag. You love the taste of cum.

Cum Like A Cocksucking Fag
If your so horny, then you will cum. And when your about to cum, guess what? Your going to aim that nastyness into his small mouth so he can eat his cum! You will do as I say!

Giant Makes Friends Eat Their Cum
Jerk off your pathetic little dick while you ride the one that's in your ass. Now tell me you're not a fag? Keep going, build up that load, I want it so big it's almost hard for you to swallow.

Fuck Your Ass Just To Eat Your Cum
When you cum inside Jessi, the Brats make you eat it all up, gargle and swallow your own cum. Then you have to chew on the condom.

Fuck Train Bitch Boy - Brats Jessie and Darcy
You have no control over yourself anymore and you are submissive to every one of my words. No control for you and your stroking and of course when you cum, you WILL eat it for me.

Stroke It, Then Eat It
I know you're ready to jack off for me again, but this time you're going to cum inside of an ice cube tray. I want you to fill up an ice cube hole with your jizz, and when you're done I want you to put it into the freezer.

Cum Eating Instruction - Freezing Your Cum in Icecube Tray - Part 1
I see you've completed your assignment, so you should have a nice piece of froze cum ready for me. I want you to get that frozen cum out of the ice tray, and place that frozen nectar right onto your tongue.

Cum Eating Instruction - Eating Your Frozen Cum - Part 2